Uninstalling Xerom Nodes

Removing nodes and getting your stake back


Removing the Xerom node services and data is as simple as disabling the services and deleting the application data. When you disable the services, they still exist on your system but they are not executed upon reboot.

This guide assumes you installed the Xerom Node software as the Xero user. If you installed the software as a different user, adjust the instructions accordingly, specifically on the last step replace /xero/ with the username for your Xero user.

If you're using Unit/Frontier to manage your node, simply delete it within Unit/Frontier and proceed to the step which retrieves your stake.

Disable Ether-1 Services

Regardless of which node you're running, executing all the following commands will disable all Xerom Node services.

sudo systemctl stop xerochainnode
sudo systemctl disable xerochainnode
sudo systemctl stop xeronode
sudo systemctl disable xeronode
sudo systemctl stop xerolinknode
sudo systemctl disable xerolinknode
sudo systemctl stop xerosupernode
sudo systemctl disable xerosupernode

Delete Application Data

Delete all chain data by executing:

rm -rf /home/xero/.xerom/*

Reversing The Process

If you've changed your mind and want to run the Xerom Node (regardless of type), you can reverse the whole process and return into a fully synchronized and running node by executing:

sudo systemctl enable xerochainnode
sudo systemctl start xerochainnode
sudo systemctl enable xeronode
sudo systemctl start xeronode
sudo systemctl enable xerolinknode
sudo systemctl start xerolinknode
sudo systemctl enable xerosupernode
sudo systemctl start xerosupernode

Checking Xerom Service Status

Whether you've decided to stick with your decision to disable the Xerom Node services or decided to enable them again, you can use the commands below to determine their status.

Make sure the Xerom processes are either running or not running by executing:

sudo journalctl -f -u xero

You should see no records indicating activity if the services are disabled. If you see activity, the services are running.

You can also check the operational status of the Xerom Node services by executing:

sudo systemctl status xerochainnode
sudo systemctl status xeronode
sudo systemctl status xerolinknode
sudo systemctl status xerosupernode

Retrieving your State

Using the Web Wallet (easiest)

Navigate over to https://wallet.xerom.org

Select the Contracts tab, select the Xerom network, select the node type you’re activating and select access

Select the function to remove node, fill out your private key, login and write the contract. This will immediately refund your stake to your wallet. Contact us in Discord if you do not receive your stake within a minute.

Using Local Dashboard (coming soon)

Contact us in Discord to get the steps to try this out.

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