Guide: Installing the XERO Desktop Wallet on Windows.

This guide will teach you how to install the XERO Desktop Wallet on Windows.

Downloading the wallet:

Downloading the wallet is a fairly straight forward process:

Open the Link below:

You will see a page that looks like this:

Next you're going to click on the windows .zip file to download the wallet.

Now we're going to create a new folder on our desktop for the wallet to live in, I've named mine XERO Wallet.

Once the download is complete you're going to need to extract it to the folder you've created on your desktop (NOTE: The folder can be anywhere on the computer it does not have to necessarily be the desktop, I used the desktop for ease of access. ) and extract the wallet. I recommend using WinZIP but any unzipping software will do.

Next Simply select all the files within the zip archive and then click extract all. You will see this next:

In the image above select Desktop (Or wherever you created your folder) and then select the folder itself - in this case XERO Wallet.

Next Click OK, once it is extracted you can close the program you used to extract the files.

Next step is to open the folder you created where you will see this:

Next we're going to launch the Desktop Wallet by clicking on the very last file in the folder called XEROWallet.

You will then be met with this message:

For the above message simply click "Allow Access" and the wallet will start!

Congratulations You're XERO Windows Wallet is setup and ready to go! Now we need to get your Ether-1 wallets to show up in Xerom.

Copying your Ether-1 Wallets to work with Xerom's Wallet.

Make sure you've run the Xerom wallet once and it is now closed. Type %appdata% and open the roaming folder as shown in the image blow.

Next you'll see a list of folders, look for the folder called Ether1 Shown in the image below

Inside the Ether1 folder there is a folder called keystore

Open the keystore folder and you'll see your list of wallets like the screenshot below.

Right Click & Copy all of you wallets, then go back to the roaming folder where you will find a folder called Xerom

Open the Xerom Folder and you will find another Keystore Folder

Open the Keystore folder, Right Click and paste your Ether-1 wallets inside the folder

Then re-open your Xerom Wallet and all your Ether-1 wallets and balances will be available.

Special thanks: Taegus for designing the original version of this wallet.

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